Sufjan Stevens – Chicago – Chicago Video

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

‘Chicago’ (or ‘Go! Chicago! Go! Yeah!’) – track nine from ‘Illinoise’, the 2005 album by Sufjan Stevens

25 Responses to “Sufjan Stevens – Chicago – Chicago Video”

  1. twashballur says:

    This makes me want to go on a road trip.

  2. Kuddlesnot says:

    Little Miss Sunshine

  3. CenturyofSolitude says:

    This song saved my life last summer. Every time I listen to it, It brings back memories of that night, and then memories of my best friend who showed me it, and all the memories ive had with him… Its one of the most emotionally striking songs of my life.

  4. jmail2233 says:

    I love this song best sad song ever

  5. davwar73 says:

    Sufjan Stevens Gacy

  6. davwar73 says:

    Sufjan Stevens cycle

  7. TheJnbhb says:

    I can’t explain how I feel about this song…it’s me kind of sad..I can’t explain it…

  8. MrLovePeaceAndHappie says:

    like if you are still watching this in 2013

  9. lolahoneyforyou says:

    ah I feel good, it’s raining outside and this is nice thanks :]

  10. MrYesandNo says:

    Now it hits me. This is where ‘Chiddy Bang’ got the inspiration for their song, “All Things Go”.

  11. Rashaan Moore says:

    Good thing I am from Chicago

  12. gonzalezfrank626 says:

    I stumbled upon this song, and now I am a fan. (being from East L.A.) I want to to go to Chicago now

  13. MrTriggerHD says:


  14. Pablosx14 says:

    Nope, I’m watching this in 2053. Take care of your friend Michael, he’s not what he looks like. BPHD.

    Big penis, huge damage. Take care.

  15. petervischiofilm says:

    stope being such a damn jean claude

  16. johnehg says:

    Like this if you’re listening in 3000BC under the rule of King Rameses II

  17. Bimo576823 says:

    i love this song

  18. lopshie says:

    This song is much better than the shitty Chiddy bang version

  19. dankuro97 says:

    Really, some comments of this beautiful song are just stupid. This song is very important to me.

  20. copilasandrei says:

    this song changed my life… to worse

  21. Bohen212 says:

    Like if you’re going to watch this until death do her job.

  22. fredfredburgerdude says:

    Lol, discovered this in a Christmas mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Epic tune.

  23. beachboy000 says:

    I love the lyrics but his voice kinda makes my peepee soft. I get the same effect from Owl City

  24. EmHenn11 says:

    I can’t believe it’s been seven years since Illinoise!

  25. sysbuster says:

    whoa, you wrapped it up and threw it out there just to have it come right back….


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