Chicago – You’re The Inspiration (Live Video) – Chicago Video

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18 Responses to “Chicago – You’re The Inspiration (Live Video) – Chicago Video”

  1. yryriza says:

    And 1 (you) is lame.

  2. nikki33dc says:

    This song is for my amazing husband

  3. Sadarsa says:

    Maroon 5?…. who’s that? (runs to google)

  4. kalkeikuu says:

    This song reminds me of the first boy that I melted my heart in the 4th grade. Good memories.

  5. Boogers4dinner says:

    Karate Kid!!! 

  6. Rachelle Vroman says:

    one other favorite songs by them LOVE it!!

  7. eaf6701 says:

    I love this song

  8. schmackerz says:

    oh hell , they must be gigantic….I cant hum a single melody from them…mainly because they dont even have a micron of what real classic rock bands have…….tell me maroon 5 is gonna hold their own through time like deep purple , black sabbath , led zeppelin , the who , the stones ,& of course chicago..etc….. sorry bro but it just aint gonna happen

  9. schmackerz says:

    lol….. high 5

  10. SAMARIdude says:

    who the fuck hates Maroon 5

  11. ESPINOZA316 says:

    Hahahaha awesome

  12. sigtauswag says:

    00:53 most epic beard/shades combo ever

  13. Americanmom1972 says:

    That was AwwwwwwweWWWWWsome

  14. KakeOrDaath says:

    This video is rather confusing. All these guys are playing instruments that dont seem to link to the song at all. Why is there a sax player and some guy reading a newspaper? The drummers drum kit is odd as hell and there are 4 different keyboard players.

  15. KujoGirl says:

    no. they arent these good

  16. 20carrocks says:

    It looks like Walter is taking a dump on the heat radiator at 2:10.

  17. tyssa2472 says:

    old school are the BEST! X

  18. Jessyleppert says:

    I know, I always knew he was a righty.


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