Chicago ~ Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Chicago Video

The song “Chicago” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I just needed the audio for it, I do not take credit for any part of this. (:

16 Responses to “Chicago ~ Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Chicago Video”

  1. HalfBornUnicornFetus says:

    Not invading countries on false pretenses (Iraq, Bush) or “humanitarian aid” (Libya, Obama). Hows that for ration?

  2. GlobaISM says:

    When JESUS CHRIST comes in HIS glory, and all the angels with Him, HE will sit on His glorious throne. TURN TO JESUS CHRIST !

  3. blobvision says:

    Ron Paul uses rations? For what?

  4. HalfBornUnicornFetus says:

    Ron Paul uses ration, something the left and the fake right wing (IE, Bachmann and Romney) don’t use. Paul is the answer!

  5. blobvision says:

    Ron Paul isn’t the answer. He may be more honest, be hes just as loony as the rest of the right wing. we need someone to support rational legislation. no propaganda. no conspiracies. no lies. no incentive for profit. we need scientists, philosophers, engineers, technologists, scholars, historians, unbiased economists, researchers . we need the educated elite. our founding fathers were almost all of these. we need smart people in office. our current congress needs to be sacked immediately.

  6. blobvision says:

    we can change the world. it’s our responsibility. we are capable of more than we can imagine. let’s think and expect more from ourselves. we can stop evil politicians. we can eradicate bad philosophy. we can stop excessive pollution. we can help save countless species. we can make our children a better world, teach them that they have the power to be whatever they dream and that they can do great things. we can do great things. think big. we are in a sense gods. not in spirit, but in creativity.

  7. HalfBornUnicornFetus says:

    This song could also apply to the Ron Paul delegates in Tampa.

  8. Antonia16442 says:

    This song reminds my youth

  9. Chunk3rror says:

    Chaz Ortiz he is from chicago!:)

  10. MrAPilgrim says:

    At least they were trying… and yes it was crazy-the whole country was coming apart at the seems. I had a brother who served 4 tours all over Vietnam-and I heard what he saw and did. The truth–some of the movies we have seen about
    Vietnam–back then to present-had lots of baloney. “Hamburger Hill” was the most accurate; lose all kinds of soldiers in combat to take a hill from the commies-hold it for a bit-and then told to PACK UP AND LEAVE! Give it back.. That was the straw that broke…

  11. Freaksho9oh says:

    diabolic brought me here doubt anyone else is here bc of him
    stronghold freestlye with this beat

  12. 1954telecaster says:

    who the fuck is chaz ortiz?? like this comment if having good taste in music brought you here!

  13. pwrslm says:

    that in itself is evidence that socialism/marxism is doomed to fail

  14. pwrslm says:

    ya ever draw that correlation between obama hope n change with this song…

    they both promise vague ideals…please come to chicago…leave your brother bound and gagged…we can change the world…its dying to get better…oh…there goes that change thing again…liberty isnt enough for these folks…now…pay attention…the generation lost in space…or drugs, whatever…those 60’s freaks with the sex and drugs and rock and roll…they are the establishment today…is it any better? no..

  15. pwrslm says:


    The USSR doesnt exist any longer. So much for that history student dodge. How much more BS can you throw against the wall…lol.

  16. ASoIaF1234 says:

    If you’d be able to understand the underlying theory of socialism you’d come to the conclusion that the economic plans of countries like the USSR are in no way socialist. As to hitting the history books, I do that every day since I’m a history student, it’s all nice and well that you don’t want to accept reality in favour of views which led to the founding of the country that you are so desperately trying to defend. Everything you say sir goes in against the principles of your founding fathers.


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