Frank Sinatra – Chicago – Chicago Video

Frank Sinatra – Chicago [From the Film The Joker Is Wild]
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  1. I´m from Seville, Spain. Today is my 20th birthday. My mum sent me this video by Facebook cause she knows that I love Chicago. I haven´t been in Chicago yet, but for me is the best city in the world. I know all famous buildings, I know the history of the river and I know a lot of thing of this wonderful place.

    Someday I´ll take a flight and I´ll be there. This journey will be for me “My ChicagoDream Journey”.

    It´s better late than never..

  2. @SlavsyaTovarishStahl As a disclaimer, no one can officially say where any musical genre “started”. Historians agree that it did not begin in Detroit, though. Most actually point to Memphis, Tennessee. As I said, it got it’s FOOTING in Chicago. Meaning, it caught popularity here and the city nurtured its growth. To say there is nothing special about Chicago is simply, I think, outrageous, but it’s at heart a bit subjective. I’ll leave it at that.


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