Blues Brothers – ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ – Chicago Video

download link: greets wubbel4
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Blues Brothers – ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ – Chicago Video”

  1. Lorenzo Celli says:

    pleaz.. ROME.

  2. DetefonKiller says:

    You don’t know any city in Braz… NEVERMIND!

  3. MrFlowfire1 says:

    The beat is just right..

  4. jojuasd says:

    you don’t know Wrocław in Poland 😀

  5. 28AMurphy says:

    amen brotha 

  6. DedeGignac31 says:

    You don’t know Toulouse in France if you say that !

  7. GREEN PHOENIX says:

    Chicken Wire?

  8. rockaboi91 says:

    My thoughts exactly lol

  9. Edgar Hernandez says:

    good cover

  10. RONNIEBMW1 says:


  11. rockaboi91 says:

    its 106 miles to chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes,its dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. hit – best quote from the film

  12. Hiei2k7 says:


  13. Hiei2k7 says:

    “They got your name, your address..”

    “No they don’t have my address….I falsified my renewal…put down 1060 West Addison”

    “1060 West Addison………That’s Wrigley Field!”

  14. tickedoffnow says:


  15. Skallehammer says:

    Haha, dude, you’re right, it kinda does.

  16. Vanillapretzel says:

    no the beggining…it sounds just like a fapping x)

  17. BESTIACRUEL8 says:

    fuck green gay fudge packers….

  18. darkoniification says:

    Wohoooooooooooooooo 😀

  19. HTA92ANG says:

    122 dislikes my lord what’s wrong with the world

  20. louswire says:

    And just think… the blues brothers started as a time filling ‘goof’ on SNL.

  21. louswire says:

    the price of admission at the movies was worth it, to hear this . . .

  22. Kaimano17 says:

    121 jolly put dislike ENNEBOOOOòò

  23. Bob Zilla says:

    Epic comment !!! Thanks !

  24. OMG1reviewer2xD says:


  25. countryboy6767 says:

    Great now watch “country boy blues rap” and “countryboy live at blues north halsted chicago” and go to w ww.cdbaby.c om/all/numone


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