Derrick Rose & The Chicago Bulls – Fuel to the Fire – Chicago Video

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22 Responses to “Derrick Rose & The Chicago Bulls – Fuel to the Fire – Chicago Video”

  1. bullsfanhellyea says:

    bulls play the cavs tonight will the MVP return

  2. johnnyboy0305 says:

    @Keith Dryden Stacey King said “spicy” not squishy.

  3. Keith Dryden says:

    1:36 I LIKE MY MEATBALLS SQUISHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Keith Dryden says:

    Check out my personal freshman highlight film on my page! This video is amazing btw.

  5. Keith Dryden says:

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  6. cedrik729 says:

    One of the best vids of d rose

  7. Hemenator29 says:

    hey subscribe to my channel!

  8. Hemenator29 says:

    this video gives me chills!!!!!

  9. camilledavis33 says:

    Think u sooooo much for making this video :)

  10. Michael Lee says:

    This must be how religious people feel waiting for Jesus to come back to earth,

  11. TheMittensofBoom says:

    Thats one thing Lebron fans, Kobe fans, and Derrick Rose fans all agree on :)

  12. ChicagoBullsFan4Life says:

    Your videos ARE AMAZING!

  13. Kevin Ma says:

    Like so everyone can see:
    2:00 is Iman Shumpert
    Song is Destiny of the Chosen by Immediate Music

  14. arturop369 says:

    Best video by far on YouTube…… Go drose…..go bulls….can’t wait!!!!!

  15. 3586255585358635 says:

    レッツゴー ブルズ!!

  16. nchon59 says:

    Lets go Rose! Definitely gonna try to go to the first home game he is back!

  17. Luigi Reyes says:

    Wow this just game chills!

  18. xtremepiotrek11 says:

    Just watched this about 5 times. Motivated the hell out of me. Whenever the return happens, Chicago will be ready.

  19. theoochable says:

    he’s not exactly comin back yet he’s got to do some 5 on 5 then he’ll see how his knee feels so mid march is reasonable

  20. 51rsanchez says:

    6 more days and hes back cant wait

  21. DayTripper1025 says:

    almost there bulls fans

  22. MrLazmelo says:

    That is the reason y u love drose cause its more then a game to him


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