WARNING!!! HADIYA PENDLETON SHOT DEAD CHICAGO 15 YR OLD majorette at obama inauguration – Chicago Video

WARNING!!! HADIYA PENDLETON SHOT DEAD CHICAGO 15 YR OLD majorette at obama inauguration

000 REWARD 15 yr old chicago teen HADIYA PENDLETON, who performed with her band last week at the presidential ceremony, was shot in the back and killed tuesday while taking shelter from the rain under a canopy with friends in a park after school let out early. a man jumped the fence and ran at the teens opening fire hitting her and a young boy both of whom ran she collapsed and died he is in critical. she was not the intended target the shooting was related to a gang. many people were holding back tears when they arrived at the hospital and some people were sobbing. 43 people have been shot to death in chicago so far with 7 shot dead on saturday.The president and first lady thought and prayer are with the family All of our thoughts and prayers are with her family a petition urging Obama to attend Pendleton funeral, said he was not aware of the petition and had no scheduling announcement.When asked if Obama had reached out to Pendleton family, Carney said he had no communications to share when Obama talk about violence in America he is not talk only about Chicago He added we may not be able to prevent every act of violence to protect our children, including Hadiya Pendleton and others. Hadiya’s death also came up at a news conference by Mayor Rah Emanuel as a particularly violent January in Chicago draws to a close.Emanuel called Hadiya what is best and urged anyone with information about the slaying to come forward.you are not a snitch the mayor said. You’re a good

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  1. Jonathan hausbach says:

    You need to work on your grammar… Payed attention to Obama? I can’t stand the socialist king. He is by far the worst president we have ever had and I only hope he gets impeached before he ruins this country… He has always wanted to ban guns and it’s so obvious how he plays the poor for votes and how the media and obam try to play this country to push his agendas… OBAMAPHONE!!!

  2. SuperBarbie8 says:

    it you notice and actually payed attention to Obama and wasnt so rasict he talk about this all the time he not blaming anybody he to busy trying to stop it and i guess it was your fault too with the sandy hook children

  3. SuperBarbie8 says:

    all the negativity should be kept to yourself all those racist jokes dont even make since like if your gonna make a joke at least let it make since…….. @hatebreed88 blacks dont have fathers……really you wonder where her father at watch some more videos you will see her father right there with her mother supporting her through it all

  4. DopeNigga18 says:

    Idk her but she was so beautiful… Man that’s sad. RIP baby girl

  5. chatmingle says:

    There should’ve been NO intended target. This should not have happened at all. R.I.P Hadiya

  6. modwendiful says:

    Everybody is hard and ruthless behind a computer screen. Ppl are cowards. Only small minded ignorant ppl spread hate!!!

  7. Hatebreed88 says:

    Wonder where her father was? Oh that’s right, blacks don’t have fathers.

  8. 12dance4u1 says:

    remember now,that i quoted Jon Walsh twitter post,that was not my personal thought,just your damed if you do and damed if you dont was my only personal thought

  9. craigmichaels2011 says:

    Population control in Chicago—- 500 murders = 500 less welfare checks to be sent out each year.

  10. raul2hash says:

    so…you yhink she should go to 553 funerals and don’t do anything else but going to funerals? you like going to funerals so much? phony

  11. raul2hash says:

    …man…never argue with people with no brain. Internet is full of bored white-trash-assholes…and you know they are racist and silly, nothing to talk there.

  12. raul2hash says:

    Obama was sended from the seventh hell to spread terror, eat lil kids and be black..don’t you know???

  13. raul2hash says:

    and next week, some silly ass white trash redneck will shoot somebody for a stupid reason…isn’t it? a fellow piece of crap killing another fellow piece of crap. I will laugh and be as disrespectful as you, promise.

  14. raul2hash says:

    …I can’t believe how racist is the people in america..look at those posts.

  15. Jonathan hausbach says:

    Another black on black crime why am I not surprised…. I guess it’s my fault cause I’m white and a member of NRA…. Murders happen everyday in Chicago and Obama is blaming me, just another nigga killing a fellow nigga… Good job

  16. rocksiphone says:

    Did you see how Obama disrespectfully used this girl for his gun agenda during his speech? Now Obama knows this girl was killed by Drug Dealers, so instead of targeting Drug Dealers who are mostly the cause of gun violence, he is targeting Law Abiding People for his anti gun agenda. So many kids in my city of Philadelphia were murdered by drug dealers and Obama know it’s a Major Problem, but for some reason he refuses to protect the people

  17. Tcbmap says:

    What? Only kind words for the white people?

    You do know that 2 black males killed this beautiful young lady right?

    Yet you chose to wish aids, death, rape on white folks mothers, sisters, grandmas, aunties?

    I`m guessing it`s because of some racial comments on here? Not sure. I could be wrong about that.

    Yet you just give a pass to the 2 black guys who murdered Hidiya? Or is that white folks fault too?

    You seem to be complaining about racism but…..

    Found it in your heart to be racist too.


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