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Interview: The Band Perry living and breathing its music

Before reuniting for dinner at their parents’ home during a recent break from touring, the three siblings that make up The Band Perry — known best for their quadruple-platinum hit “If I Die Young” — and their parents — who regularly join the band on tour — agreed  to act like a normal family and […]

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Liz Joynt Sandberg: Making Out with Wes Perry and Friends at Upstairs Gallery Delivers Chicago’s Best with Charm and Teeth

“This is what I came for,” I thought to myself. Sitting in the third row in Upstairs Gallery, happily mashed into a vibrant crowd, I broke into a giant smile of gratitude. And like I do sometimes when I feel so full of corny, bursting, city-love, I whispered into the applause “I love you, Chicago.” […]

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Richard Perry Thomas: Youth Against Violence in Chicago Spread Viral Faux iPad Campaign

A group of youth has a “green-friendly” goal this summer to reach over three million people on social networks with a “faux ipad campaign” to increase environmental awareness and promote violence prevention in urban settings. The campaign is part of their crowd-source fundraiser on indiegogo.com to produce an anti-violence album in Chicago, as well as […]

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