Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights / Week 8 / Dec 4 – Chicago Video

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights / Week 8 / Dec 4

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  1. They look really good now they got their groove, cane wait to see how Isaiah looks in the mix

  2. DWade impersonating some of Jordan's signature moves.

  3. Almost interesting 3 point shoot contest. Wtf with NBA these days?

  4. You see how LeBron helped them give a start early in the game and then let his teammates do his stuff. Goat for a reason 🐐

  5. And that's against a stacked eastern conference. Respect to LeBron

  6. I'll take a dozen Ws to go please

  7. Threes a crowder? what a dumbass

  8. I love the way the cavs are playing at the moment. The chemistry is coming along well😊

  9. Eyy Fam on top of this goatness our boy IT now rubbing some titan gel on dem legs, nigga gunna cumback 5 inch taller

  10. the chemistry is finally looking alot better

  11. Play some fucking defense Cleveland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Everyone is saying how impressive Cavs 12 straight win is, I say "Good Job Cavs" as well, however, let's not forget who the opponents are: Dallas, 76ers, Pistons, NYK, Hornets X2 , Clippers, Miami, Nets, Atlanta, Memphis, Magic and Bulls. How many of these teams are playoff teams, I think only 76ers and Pistons are legit, and if you look at the score, they barely won lots of these games. I say let's look back in June. Besides that can you imagine if Lebron play less minutes ?

  13. Markkanen is playing just like Dirk played in his first year. The guy has talent and I can see a bright future but Bull´s front office is capable of ruining any talent with awful trades

  14. 12 game winning streak! Legoat

  15. Watched basketball for so long now but just noticed how squeaky the floors are

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  17. Lebron and Wade together is like poetry in motion

  18. Do not let this distract you from the fact that wizards scored only 69 points

  19. Because I like old Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan

  20. cleveland winning streak is awesome.!!!

  21. Is it just me or has LeBron learned sum new moves lately🤔

  22. Bringing Dwade off the bench was a very good move.

  23. Is this in quicken loans arena 😹😹
    King Cavs is awesome make win straight history 🍾️🍻😎

  24. fuck this Nigga commentator..

  25. D rose, trisatan and shump should never make the team……this squad is okay

  26. hope drose to come to watch his moves..

  27. Wade is a little kyrie irving

  28. 12th and more to go❤ but tbh cavs needs to work on their defense 😂😔

  29. i cant believe Channing Frye is contributing !! He is really playing a lot better 🙂


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