Trent Dilfer live to explain why Bears def. Vikings, 25-20; Trubisky: 165 yds, TD, 2 Int| The Herd – Chicago Video

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  1. Wtf!!! Mitch is ballin!!! Winning against good defenses even tho he threw 2 pics last night, is there a qb out there that i dont know about who had never thrown a pic? Bears are 7 – 3 and its not by accident or luck. They act like we been playing college teams when we are winning or like Mitch is just a bum qb. One thing everyone knows for sure about the bears this year, THEY ARE GOING TO SCORE ON OFFENSE IN EVERY GAME!!!

  2. Everybody hating on trubisky look at Drew Brees numbers against the Vikings

  3. Trent you suck D—. Period time to get off TV.

  4. Comparing dak to our mitch is laughable… Dak sucks

  5. Hold up! THIS dude actually had the audacity to call someone a "remedial quarterback?" SitchoArseDown!!

  6. Trent Dilfer is, and always will be a fraud.

  7. Dilfer with that SB trophy in the back ground hoping nobody remembers that he just happened to be the QB of that Ravens team….because somebody had to be. If it weren't for that 2000 Baltimore D Dilfer would be a footnote.

  8. LOL ran out of excuses so they say it's " the coaching " 99% of a teams wins is from coaching.


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