Multiple victims reported in Chicago hospital shooting – Chicago Video

Authorities in Chicago say several people have been wounded in a shooting at Mercy Hospital, including a police officer and a suspect; senior correspondent Mike Tobin reports.

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  1. wait.. Chicago? I thought the Dems. cast the protective spell of "anti gun laws" there. I'm confused. Does this mean Democrat magic spell laws don't work?

  2. Well crap. At least there is nearby medical staff until they can get help

  3. ?????? so sorry my condolences from the heart republic of kosovo ??❤️??

  4. Fake news, nothing like that happened. All a big con done by libtards

  5. 21 shootings just last weekend in gun freeeee zone lol
    Criminals don’t obey gun laws voters

  6. Short commute for the victims .

    Mass shooting thurr?
    That's like throwing dirt on a burial.

  7. If the doctors and nurses carried an AR15 as standard, this would never had happened. MORE GUNS IS THE ONLY ANSWER. Dumb NRA.

  8. A gun free state? Then this should not happen. USA, do not give up your guns!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

  9. may Allah save american people

  10. Guns in America swords and zombie knifes in England. I think the government are putting something in the water.


  12. The fallacy that Chicago has strict guns laws is depressingly evident in the comments. No, places like Australia, UK have strict gun control and the stats don’t lie

  13. They must mean the city of Chicago in Texas.. Maybe Chicago Alabama.. It can't be Chicago Illinois because they have some of the toughest gun laws in the United States.. Raum, oh Raum, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

  14. i love gangster copsgsters (slaves of bakgsters)army men and djhihadist but cold with a big bullet in the head loool

  15. Someone needs to tell these people there are laws they are supposed to follow. Oh wait, they are criminals, the laws are for the law abiding.


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