Chicago Bulls FIRE Fred Hoiberg After 5-19 Start To Season!! Was This The Right Decision? | NBA News – Chicago Video

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  1. These guys need to stay in their lane. Not everybody will be a Brad Stevens.

  2. He hadn’t been playing blankey as of late an that’s one of the thing that kinda ticked me off casue blankney is a stud an just to see him only play only 4 mins off the bench … ya I’m triggered but glad he’s gone

  3. Gar And Pax Are The Real Problem!!! They Been Killing My Joy Of My Team Year After Year Slowly To The Point I Rarely Watch Bulls Games ?

  4. Should've got rid of him a while back instead of Butler….

  5. Tom needs to come back to the Bulls and bring Rose Butler and Gibson with him that's what i think

  6. The year he finally gets the players he want with the system he runs and he didn't get it done! You want to go to Wendell Carter jr on random days, you stop playing our best player off the bench in Blankenly, he's not aggressive or assertive with anyone, and just many more things that I'll sound like I'm just mad at everything if I list them! How do you go from Thibs to Hoiberg?

  7. Reunite the real core bring back Rose n Noah

  8. It’s should’ve started at the top with GarPax

  9. Please tell me what did Hoiberg Win in college? Please tell me what did Hoiberg do in college that made the Bulls give him an opportunity to Coach in the NBA?

  10. won't be surprised if cavs try land him next year, He did do a good job of getting the best out of Zach Lavine!

  11. You knew it would come at some point he was gonna be Fired

  12. Great news they need a new coach. Good Job bulls

  13. When u fire horriberge u should of fired th idiots that hired him fire #GARPAX


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