How The Chicago Bulls Can Become The Next Super Team – Chicago Video

Today I talk about how the Chicago Bulls can become the next NBA Super team. This video focuses on the 2021 nba free agency which includes superstars such as: Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Paul George, and many more. I believe that if the Bulls are able to sign Giannis, that they will be the next super team and will win many championships.

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  1. I totally agree with your assessment on the Bucks

  2. I'm personally against the idea of "super teams". Why not have multiple teams who are great competing against each other every year. One super star(MJ) per team, if you've drafted well then you got an all star as his sidekick(Pippen) with a 3rd scoring(Kukoc) option and role players to do the dirty work(Rodman). Now it just so happened the Bulls players were the greatest all time at their role/position, but here's another example and this team didnt even have a super star. The go to guy (Billups), all star side kick (Hamilton), 3rd option (Rasheed Wallace), role players to lead defense (Ben Wallace) & Tayshaun Prince.

  3. I'd love to clear enough space to sign McCollum & Giannis that summer. Unless we flip #7 pick for Conley or Ball to solve pg issues. But 2021 is the year we make the move. Too big of a market to not be competitive. We're overdue for more banners.

  4. They can become a super team eventually

    1 – Coby White
    2 – Zach
    3 – Otto
    4 – Larui
    5 – Carter

    We won’t be good for another two or three more years. Bulls need to trade Zach & or Otto/Wendall


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